Best Sunglasses for Watersports: 2020

When you are out on the water or fishing from shore, the sun’s glare can get in your eyes and block your vision. When you turn to one of the top 5 sunglasses for watersports, you are making sure you can see everything.

Plus, these glasses are made to handle the rough treatment you may dish out as you have a great time in the water. Don’t let the sun’s glare ruin your day at the beach. Turn to these top 5 sunglasses and have a blast.

Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses

Last update was in: February 16, 2020 10:37 am

Once you place these handmade sunglasses on your face, you should attract the attention of everyone nearby.. Their tough nylon construction material is made to help you look your best. Plus, the polycarbonate eye pieces are scratch resistant, as well as impact resistant. Also, they are made to let you see everything in great detail. After you get them on, you will benefit from the 100% anti-glare coating and their lightweight. Then you can wear these glasses on the shore or out on open water without difficulty. Your eyes will be protected no matter how long you wear them.

  • 100% polarized coating
  • Handmade & lightweight
  • Clear vision

  • May be tight fitting
  • Lenses are hard to clean
  • Some fogging up issues

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NIKE Avid Wire Sunglasses

Last update was in: February 16, 2020 10:37 am

These glasses were made so that your vision would not be impaired no matter which angle you look through them. This gives you clarity and keeps you from missing anything happening around you. Also, the metal arms are tough and their rubber coated tips make sure they stay where you put them. Another good feature is that the lenses are prescription ready. You do not have to buy new frames if you need to change your lenses. In addition to that you get self-adjusting nose pieces to keep the fit nice and comfortable. The spring hinges are made tough and should last you a long time.

  • Durable spring hinges
  • Self-adjusting nose pieces
  • See at any angle

  • Replacing nose pieces not easy
  • Only in one style & color
  • Not for every head

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Oakley Split Shot Sunglasses

Last update was in: February 16, 2020 10:37 am

With a variety of styles and lens colors to choose from, you should be able to find a pair that meets your expectations and preferences. Once you purchase these top sunglasses you get 100% UV protection. Along with those features, the plastic frames and lenses also have polarized protection to make sure you can see what is going on. The tips of the arms are made so you can attach a strap to secure the sunglasses to your head as you play hard. The blue colored lenses on this pair of sunglasses should help complete that dashing beach look you are going for.

  • 100% UV protection
  • Polarized coating
  • Strap compatibility for secure wearing

  • Made from plastic
  • May be fragile
  • Tips may not hold strap well

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Under Armour Igniter Polarized Multiflection Sunglasses

Last update was in: February 16, 2020 10:37 am

When you want to look your best, these top sunglasses are designed with you in mind. Their rimless feature gives you the appearance of a top athlete or acting star. Plus, the Grilamid frame should stand up to whatever watersport you are competing in. Once you get these sunglasses on, their polarized polycarbonate lenses gives you UV protection and great clarity. You should see everything in a clear light without the sun’s glare distracting you. The thick frame and arms help the sunglasses to withstand the treatment you and your watersport give them.

  • Durable & strong arms
  • UV protection
  • Polarized protection

  • May be a bit fragile
  • Frame coating may bubble
  • Polarizing coating not that strong

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Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Last update was in: February 16, 2020 10:37 am

The frames of these sunglasses are made from a stress resistant plastic material. This keeps them lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. Plus, the optic technology makes sure you get to see what is going on through a variety of angles. On top of that, the UV coating protects your eyes from UVA, UVB & UVC rays, The coating also protects your eyes from any harmful blue light you may be around. You get clarity and durability all in one pair of sunglasses. Also, the one piece frame has built-in nose pieces to make sure the sunglasses remain comfortable as you wear them.

  • UVA, UVB, & UVC protection
  • Blue Light protection
  • Clear vision from all angles

  • May not be long lasting
  • Quality control issues
  • Arms may flake

Some final words

Spending the day at the beach or lake side can be a lot of fun. You get fresh air, stress free time to relax. Plus, you get to participate in your favorite watersport. Very little can make it better. One way to make your beach time better is by using one of the top 5 best sunglasses for watersports. These sunglasses will hug your face while making sure you can see what you are doing. They are made from durable materials to help them handle the rough treatment you send their way. Also, they come with special coating to cut the sun’s glare and protect your eyes from harmful rays. When you want to make your eyes are fully protected, our pick for the best sunglasses for watersports are the Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses. They offer a great stylish look, and grey eye protection overall.


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